Moving Home

You don't have to stay with your existing lender in order to move to your new home, although this could be the most cost effective way. Either way let Love Your Mortgage provide the advice you need to allow you to make he most informed decision.

Looking to move home?

At Love Your Mortgage, we can assist you with a number of recommended mortgage solutions to allow your move to be as stress free as possible.

Understand Your Options

You may already have a mortgage on your current property and you're looking for that next home. So do you keep your current deal and maybe add a little more? Take a new higher mortgage with your current lender? Or do you take a new deal with a new lender? 


Knowing your options at this point is crucial to making the best decision. Book an appointment today to discuss the options available to you today.

A. Mortgaging with your current lender

Whilst remortgaging with your current lender can feel more convenient, it can also be more expensive. By not reviewing other available products with other lenders, you can’t be sure of getting the best deal available to you. Using a mortgage broker means you have access to more products, more lenders and advice you might not get with a product transfer with your current lender. A broker also makes it a stress-free experience by doing much of the leg work in finding the most suitable option.

B. Mortgaging with a new lender

This is likely to be a more attractive option financially because you’re not just settling for the rate your current lender offers you. You could secure a mortgage with a new lender safe in the knowledge that you’ve selected the best solution for you from across the market.

If you choose to go down this path, you need to factor in that there might well be an early repayment charge (ERC) for cancelling your existing mortgage.

C. Porting

Porting is one of the most popular options for home movers looking for the most attractive mortgage option. This is where you move your existing mortgage over to your new property and simply continuing paying it as normal. You’ll still have to apply for the mortgage and assuming the new property is higher in value, take out an additional mortgage to cover the shortfall.